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Nishihodaka・Doppyo (Mt.Nishihodaka) 3days

Nishihodaka-dake(Mt.Nishihodaka) is one of the major peaks in Northern Alps in Japan,which is also knows as a expert route because of its craggy rocky ridge. Elevation gain ;513m(with up and down)

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August 1st,2nd,3rd Tour fees: \26,000

Itinerary (two day-trip with one overnight in a coach )

D1: 23:00 Dep.from Mainichi Newspaper.‹Mainichi Alpen chartered coach › Chuo-highway (overnight in the coach)
D2: 5:30~6:00Arr. at Nishihodaka- onsen⇒‹Shinhodaka ropeway with ticket ›⇒Maruyama⇒Nishiho Doppyo(2701m)⇒Nishiho-sanso⇒Same trailhead(2367m) (overnight in Nishiho-sanso)
※The trekking course from Doppyo to summit is expert course.
D3:Nishihosanso⇒on your own⇒Nishihodaka2908m⇒return to the lodge⇒Takaramizu⇒Tashiro-bashi(Tashiro bridge)⇒16:00 Dep.from Kamikochi bus station⇒ ‹ Mainichi Alpen chartered coach ›Chuo-highway⇒West Side of Shinjuku Station20:15~21:30


・Duration:D2 about 6h30min D3 about 3h + Kamikochi walking
・Meals: one breakfast and one dinner is included in the mountain lodge

General Information

Minimum 15 participants are required to run a tour. The tour will be cancelled due to the following inevitable reasons;
1. Participants are not enough13 days before the departure date.
2. Bad traffic conditions that cause lengthy delay.
3. Bad weather conditions that affect the itinerary.
4. Other unavoidable reasons.

1. Meeting time and check-in

  • ● Be punctual to the meeting place you booked.(Takebashi,Shinjuku,or Hachioji)(See the map・・・・)
  • ● The coach leave on time, so please be careful not to be late.
  • ● A leader of your group needs to check-in before getting on the coach.Please follow the instruction of the driver.
  • ● All seats are reserved. Check your seats on the seat map at the door.
  • ● At the same time we give a coupon depending on your course.(Hotel vouchers, lift ticket, discount coupon etc.)

2. Departure

  • ● The coach will stop almost every 2 hours for the rest, and please keep the departing time and other rules the driver inform you.
  • ● Keep your valuables with you. The driver and our staff don't take any responsibilities for any troubles, such as theft, loss, misplace, baggage-mixed-up with other passengers.
  • ● Some seats don't recline enough as other seats because of its positions and also some seats have narrower seat-pitch.

3. Advice for hiking

  • ● Walk as fast as you can talk without panting.
  • ● Keep the hiking trail.
  • ● Do not litter in the mountain for the protection of the environment.
  • ● It is necessary to take enough water and some salt to avoid cramp in your leg.
  • ● Rest rooms are only located at the trailhead and in the mountain lodge. It is advisable to take easily soluble toilet tissue.
  • ● It is highly recommended to go down a mountain when you feel sick or in a severe weather conditions.

4. Mountain lodge

  • ● Present the coupons to the counter we gave you .
  • ● Basically guests share the rooms.
  • ● Since the water is very limited in the mountain ,it is advised not to brush teeth with tooth paste and to wash face with soap.
  • ● Mountain lodges have no showers.
  • ● Drinking water can be charged.
  • ● Check in as early as possible. At least by 4PM.
  • ● Dinner is usually from 5PM,breakfast 6AM. If you need obento or packed lunch, tell the staff when check in.
  • ● Lights- out is normally 9PM. It is an iron rule to sleep early and wake up early. Keep these rules not to disturb other people.

5. Return

  • ● Walk slowly down the mountain allowing enough time.
  • ● Check the meeting place for your coach when you get to the place.
  • ● The bus driver or the staff take a roll-call 10min before each departure.
  • ● The coach stops for the rest same as the departure.
  • ● We don't compensate for any expense for the accommodations and transport You need to pay for caused by a heavy traffic jam or other unavoidable reasons.
  • ● Thank you for your cooperation to on-time operation.


1. Check the weather forecast

  • ● Mountain weather can quickly change and moreover it can be much more sever than in lower area, which is sometimes fatal.
  • ● Cancel or postpone the hiking when the severe weather is forecasted.
  • ● When you are in the mountain, it is important to hike down before the weather turn to rough.

2. A feature of mountain weather

  • ● Temperature in the mountain goes down 6 degrees for every 1000m up.
  • ● Even in the middle of the summer, the temperature is about 12 degrees in the 3000m mountains.
  • ● It can be snowy when the temperature is below 2 degrees.
  • ● The higher you go up, the stronger the wind becomes. It rains more and thunder happens more frequently in the mountain.

3. Thick fog

  • ● Valley wind and rain cause heavy fog.
  • ● You get lost when you walk in a heavy fog. Compass and map don't help you take bearing in a poor visibility. If you not sure of the orientation, just follow the sign.
    If you are not sure which you go, then stay there until the visibility gets clear.

4. To avoid thunder

  • ● Check the weather forecast.
  • ● Refrain from walking in the mountain when the thunder warning is issued.
  • ● Even it's sunny in the morning, the weather can change in the afternoon especially in the summer. Therefore start hiking in the early morning, and try to get to your destination around noon.
  • ● When the thunder boomed, it is important to find a place to evacuate. Avoid those places, such as summit, ridge, open place, independent tree and under cliff.
    Thunder tends to hit high points.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the tour for personal reason,according to Travel Terms ,the following cancellation rates apply to the tour fare. Retroactive from a day before tour departure,more than 21 days before(11days before for a day-trip)20% out of tour fare.
20days-8days before (10days-8days for a day-trip) 30%. The previous day 40%. On a day of departure 50%.After departure or no participation without any contact 100%.